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The second Europe business trip of Beijing Kinghoo technology co., LTD

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On September 17, at the invitation of our company general manager Liu Meihua, cofco feed division XieSongSong deputy general manager, technical director Dr Shen Shuibao, Guangdong Haihe group general manager Zhao Zhiming with our company general manager Liu visited Germany Miavit company manager. German Miavit executive director Lucas met with liu a row and with China guests exchanged between Germany and China agricultural situation in detail. Lucas introduces Germany Miavit company since 1973 specializing in animal nutrition transition resistance, the current is Germany's largest additive premix production enterprises, is Europe's largest producer of liquid additives, the company special additives Circolin MiaBond007, AMIVIT etc. In the Chinese market through Beijing kinghoo technology co., LTD. Distribution has obtained the good feedback. Grain total solution introduced as one of the world's four big granary cofco development in livestock feed, grain feed production 3 million tons annually, with the development of safe, reliable and efficient as a solid foundation. Guangzhou Haihe Zhao Zong introduced its feed mills and breeding of the company's overall development, feed production 300000 tons a year, and such 3 million chickens, for the consumer provides the high quality of animal products in Guangdong province.
A delegation visited Germany Miavit factory in detail, and technical research team Alfons and Nurtingen university professor Gerhard, Dr Dr, Pedro as aquaculture development in Europe, zinc preparation mechanism to animals in many aspects, the research progress of mycotoxin problem for communication . Beijing kinghoo technology co., LTD, marketing director Dr Wang Yanjun accompanied.