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Our manager Ms Irene participated China and South Korea investment of BBS

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On August 26, Beijing kinghoo technology co., LTD. General manager Ms Liu Meihua invited by the south Korean embassy in China to participate in the 2015 China and South Korea investment BBS.
Deputies to the national total of 10 enterprises to participate in. Delegates have new Hualian chairman, vice President of Wanda, vice President of new hope and so on. During the south Korean government to introduce Korean investment environment and preferential policies, the Chinese representative comprehensive introduced their company and investment direction, etc.
Our general manager ms she is divided into two parts to introduce you to the enterprise.

First, feed industry. We mainly do import feed additive products, agent products from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, etc. Of our listed companies with South Korea - Han Guoyu into corporation in 2006 for the first time contact, the two sides in the mutual understanding and full trust, on the basis of reached a real sense of cooperation. Recent Beijing good technology co., LTD. Has obtained the national development and reform commission issued by the examination and approval of South Korea's investment, oriented and open an account in South Korea's stock market, to buy a majority stake in Han Guoyu into co., LTD.Han Guoyu into corporation has been the south Korean government department of vaccine production license, and owns several patent technologies.We will then in-depth cooperation with Han Guoyu into corporation to develop a vaccine.2015 vaccine market in China's total capacity of 15 billion yuan, the market capacity in 2020 will rise to 36 billion yuan, from this we believe that the future vaccine sales is optimistic.
Second, children's entertainment culture industry. In 2014, we attachment group subordinate company established cooperative relations with South Korea, LOU introduced one of the cartoon image, has been successful investment 2 stores in Beijing, in 2015 we are prepared to open another two outlets in Beijing. Within the next ten years, hope can have 1000 directly-managed stores or cooperative stores.
In the end, the south Korean ambassador to China, in its official residence for dinner, take photos with all the delegates in a pleasant atmosphere.