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The clients from Anhui come to Kinghoo

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On 8th July , 2015, Anhui pig industry big business delegation came to Beijing good access communication technology co., LTD. Headquarters office building, our general manager Ms Liu Meihua expressed welcome for every guest presence, and the warm reception.
Delegation members including Anhui agricultural university, college of animal science and technology - professor Wei Jianzhong, vice President of the former, eight county in Anhui breeding pig farm general manager – Mr. Zeng Xiangming , Anhui Mr. Xiangtai agricultural development co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors – Cai Zhixiang Anhui huajie livestock and poultry breeding, Mr. Chairman of the board of directors of the company - Wang Jiafa. Anhui Antai group general manager – Mr. Wang Zuan agriculture, Anhui long elegance and a variety of technical director – Mr. Li Xinsheng pig breeding co., LTD, Anhui even large ecological agriculture science and technology co., LTD., general manager – Mr. Liu Qiuxing, Anhui province and county Sue Lyuan farming co., LTD., general manager – Mr. Xie Zhenghui, Hefei dealer company general manager – Mr. Yu.

Delegation visited our new office building, understanding the development of kinghoo technology co., LTD and speak freely of industry development, enhance mutual understanding. During the communication, our technical director Dr Wang Yanjun shows the latest product use information and test data, Including MiaBond007, Probion for poultry, Circolin and so on.

Communication after the meeting, the delegation said harvest quite abundant. Beijing kinghoo technology co. LTD, warmly welcome partners all over the country come to the company, visit and technical communication.