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Kingoo’s European business travel in September ,2016 part1

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Beijing Kinghoo international trade .Ltd begin their European business trip with their clients from Tianjin, Hebei, Shandong, Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian.

Beijing Kinghoo international trade Ltd general manager Ms. Irene have brief communication with MIAVIT technical department and exchange gifts for thanks.

At A.M., MIAVIT Global sales director M.r Klaus have a brief introduce of their company and happy of China’s clients visit. The Technical director Alfons have communication with European breeding environment, the pressure of disease, prevention and control measures, replace antibiotics, etc

Kinghoo’s sales director Doctor wang introduced our company, The business scope, and the develop direction  in the future. During the communication, we visit MIAVIT’s Logistics department. We had detailed communication of Circolin and Mia-Trace Zn. During the communication, our clients in China exchange opinion about Design concept, using methods and efficacy of setting of the product.

The clients from shangdong and hebei share their experience about feed.

Dinner party in the MIAVIT’s hotel, Roast meat, deer wine, dessert, enjoy custom of  Germany ,it’s happy and relax.