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Kingoo’s European business travel in September ,2016 part2

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On 27th Sep, we had a meeting in the MIAVIT meeting room. The director of product research and development-----M.r j introduced the research and using standard of 脱霉剂 , We imported in the 007 series of products in eliminating hazards mycotoxin, capture free radicals, into the blood detoxification played a good role, and accounted for nearly half of the German market. M.s Djinet introduced the poultry production situation and existing problems in europe and the Middle East .The products from MIAVIT can solve all kinds of problems for farmers. Quality management department director introduced MIAVIT have made a number of European Union certification, including food production license, from the raw material of global procurement to thousands of products, Germany MIAVIT company always adhere to strict production management system.

During the communication, we looked the manufacturing process of Mia-Bond, Circolin and other products made in Germany. Our clients in China trust MIAVIT’s quality and service. During the process, we discussed how to face the market problems for the products of MIAVIT and how to make some contribution to China's Animal Husbandry Development.

In the afternoon, we visit the German WEDA livestock equipment co., LTD, learn the company's leading liquid feeding system, fermentation technology and equipment, independent research and development of electronic control system.

We had dinner in a small village, it had Germany unique culture. We had a good time and enjoy Germany’s culture.

On 28th Sep, Kinghoo visit German famous feed enterprises GS agri factory, annual output of 200000 tons, only eight employees, invest 14 million euros in construction, production workshop up to 50 meters.Poultry feed poultry MaiErWei companies in Germany is used in great quantities with circle, plant essential oil, vitamin additives.

Our team communicated the raw material, process of manufacturing and quality inspection with the director in this company.