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Kingoo’s European business travel in September ,2016 part3

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On 29th Sep, we visited the Futterkamp in the north of Germany, The center is composed of local farming cooperatives joint, belong to production-teaching-research combination, not only to provide advanced technical approaches to raise pigs, also can do breeding for new technology evaluation, also can carry on the breeding base for foreign groups design and training.

Base training direction: mainly in the production of teaching - animal production, sustainable development - such as animal welfare for the combination of production and education, and how to better farming and so on!Team member exchanges pig breeding process each link, respectively, compared to domestic where there are many worthy of reference study oh!Base pig farm pollution gas handling system!

We had lunch in the Futterkamp’s dormitory, we played Table tablet stands together happily.

In the afternoon, M.r Jochim lead us look the process of feed cows. They designed special floor, it can decrease feed waste.

After this visit, we leave for Copenhagen and begin our casual trip.