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Kinghoo held Healthy aquaculture seminar in Zaoyang,Wuhan

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This seminar host by Beijing Kinghoo international trade co. LTD and  kinghood’s client in Wuhan and Zaoyang. Beijing Kinghoo invited Dr Gao--- technical director in Woogen in this seminar. Dr Wang Yanjun translated this seminar for us. Dr Gao introduced Woogen in micro ecological field development for nearly 40 years history, the world's leading strains cultivated patent technology and strict quality control process.

For poultry production enterprises in China how to improve the management level, the comprehensive disease prevention and control, Dr Gao made a detailed explain, and introduced the new product in micro Sporezyme-P. It can help farmers find improve laying hens production performance, reduce antibiotic application of new ideas.

The people who participated the meeting from Zaoyang are particularly serious in the seminar and want to learn more about Sporezyme-P.