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Our clients from Guangzhou visit Miavit

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10th Nov, 2016. Kinghoo’s clients from Guangdong province visited Miavit lead by Dr. Wang---Kinghoo’s sales director.We are warmly welcomed by Miavit.Klause---Miavit globel sales director represent Mavit welcomed our clients and Dr. Alfons introduced the development of Miavit and the Animal husbandry in Europe. Dr. Wang introduced Kinghoo’s development and the present situation of the cooperation with Miavit. Dr. Kerna and Hance introduced some products, for example 【好饲特】【蓝桉素】, Dr, Yusi  from Israel introduced the using situation about the 【派克多】.Through this visit, our clients had a good understanding about new products and the manufacture of our products.We visit to the German modern dairy farm, they use automatic robotic milking system and We have a deep impression on this.This trip hosted by Beijing kinghoo and Kinghoo’s clients from Guangdong. We attended Germany report on technical and have a good understanding about Miavit. We learned the new products and new concept on products from Miavit.