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Kinghoo's annual meeting

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The annual meeting of Beijing kinghoo international trade Ltd and Loukids investment co.,Ltd. There are many forgettable moment and made good memory in our mind.

Beijing kinghood and Loukids investment co.,Ltd held the 2016 annual meeting at the SOFT hotel. Our annual meeting invited some important guests, such as the manager of CITIC Group, the chaiman of Huanghe Group—Huang Junyi, the manager of Beijing Huacai commercial center---Li Xiaowen and so on .

The beginning of the annual meeting is Ms Irene’s report about  the development  process of Beijing Kinghoo and Loukids, and the development direction in the future. At the same time, gave the clear development direction and the target in their career to all of the staff. The guests gave a speech about the development of Kinghoo and Loukids also. During the annual meeting, Ms Irene gave the trophy to the outstanding employees.

 The hosts of the annual meeting are Tong yongguang from the marketing department of Kinghoo and Yanyan from the finance department of Kinghoo. 

The year of 2016 has pasted and we have enough passion to welcome   our 2017. Best wishes to you in 2017.

Kinghoo fighting, Loukids fighting!

The year of 2016 has past, we celebrate the coming of the year of 2017.

Kinghoo fighting, Loukids fighting.

The memorable moments as following: